About me

Outside of work I’m a Dad to 2 wonderful kids, 22 chickens, 2 goats and many mob of roos. Spare time is very quickly filled :)

My Background

Workwise – from 2010-2016 I worked in-agency as a Head of/Director of SEO leading highly skilled SEO teams across Melbourne & Sydney to work with blue-chip clients.

Towards the end of this time I noticed how the agency model wasn’t increasingly an awkward fit for clients. Their in-house teams were becoming more digitally skilled and SEO was changing from being something we could ‘do’ for the client to more of an outcome of what the client did – with direction.

In 2016 I started my consultancy in order to provide that direct strategy and support to client teams. This worked well for clients as they just needed to know what to consider for SEO and what activities they could factor into their quarterly planning to achieve the growth they needed.

I’m a proudly independent and work with just a handful of clients, valuing a high-engagement model to achieve results my client’s and I can be both proud of.

I still work with clients who have been with me since day dot and have an average client tenure of 5.5 years which, 7 years in, I’m proud of!